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Resource book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.
Theme: consciously replacing negative thoughts with positive messages.

Today I had my first apartment-viewing in nearly 3 years. When I moved out of Cambridge, MA 2 years ago, I moved in with my mom. Since then, I've been craving independence in a major way. I haven't lived alone since early 2002, and I want to release myself from the old submission-resentment pattern I've developed with housemates. This is my time to build myself up, both mentally and physically.

An apartment-viewing is the perfect opportunity to replace old, negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

Instead of succumbing to the old traps, I repeated a few different affirmations to myself over the course of the day.
I am charming and successful. My opportunities are plentiful. I will attract a positive, comfortable living situation. I will find a safe, peaceful place in which to heal my body and spirit. I am gaining control over my life with every step.

Some thoughts I had about the smallness of the studio space:
This space is large enough to fit the necessities of my healing adventure.
I feel safe and comfortable in this building.
I welcome the opportunity to creatively organize my space.

What really grabs me about the apartment is that it's safe, predictable, serviceable. No nasty surprise bills; all utilities are included. And it's pleasant. Bright and cheerful, good airflow.

I am optimistic. Which is kind of the whole point of this project.
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