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Well, I got offered the apartment on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the realtor hadn't yet asked the landlord whether my A/C unit would be okay to use there. (He pays the electric bill, so if my machine racks up hundreds of dollars' worth of electricity in one month..you get the idea.)

Monday was kind of stressful. I waited by the phone all day. Turned out, the landlord was in court, and therefore unreachable. My normal MO would've been to angst and whimper all day, thinking "he's gonna charge me extra!" or "he's gonna be a dick and not let me have it!" This time, I refused to do that. I just said, "I hope he gets out of court soon so he can let Wendy know the AC is alright to have." I also let them know that my AC is an Energy Star model, uses 490 watts, and has an energy-saver feature (in other words, it's not an old-fashioned energy-sucking AC unit from hell). I'm sure this helped.

Yesterday morning I got the confirmation that the AC would be fine to use in the apartment. I named a time and went up with Mom to measure the place and put a deposit down. As a bonus, the apartment has a closet that I didn't see when I initially looked at it. So I don't have to buy a silly freestanding clothes rack after all. I can store my clothing properly and not look at it all the time! Wonderful!

It also occurs to me that this apartment came into my view as soon as I made the decision to live alone in a small space. Before last week, I was waffling about it. As soon as I made up my mind and started imagining what it'd be like, the apartment materialized. And it is a great little place. I just love it. :)


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